Behind the Lunetta

toko cupcake online terbaik jakarta

Behind Lunetta kitchen cupcake online in Jakarta is Vivien Quiserto. Two years ago she never dream she will open the cupcake online in Jakarta.  A busy be working mom who has been working  in Multinational Media Agency  for years, dealing with lots of client’s project , facing deadline and meetings…while at home multitasking taking care the house and her toddler girl…

Her passion was “found” when she started to  browse and watch Asian Food Channel and other Cooking TV Programs to look for the best cupcake recipe, every time she got tired working on projects at the office, finishing works at home with her laptop. Watching those programs was really relaxing, and she also got inspired by some celebrities chef such as Anna Olson, Betty Crocker,  Martha Steward, Nigella Feast,  etc,  to get her jump and start to try baking.

Then it finally just happened, almost every weekend she spend “me time” by baking cakes, pastry etc , browsed lot of cupcake recipes, took  some baking courses…and facing many trial and errors baking.  But despite all lovely errors, this baking journey made her really happy, and she found this moment as such stress relief.

One day, she accidentally found a delicious cupcake in one of the cake store, and the taste just surprised her. She then  realized that cupcake is not just a tiny cake in a cup with beautiful decoration on it but can taste good too! This moment woke her to make good cupcakes and then u know…as expected she found lot of challenges to realize it.

It’s not easy to make delicious cupcake with the proper moist level, and light. Making the topping tastes good is another challenges.  But,  there is a joy in the kitchen when every baking thing is successful . And she still enjoys the process…until today.